Judi Alweil began her journey in the needlework industry over 50 years ago.   Judi Alweil is a recognized well known industry expert and has always been at the forefront of fashion and social trends.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.   As a child, her daughter Karen always accompanied  Judi to various trade shows and events.  Karen followed in her mothers footsteps with her own creative talents.  It was natural given the close mother daughter relationship that they work side by side developing Judi & Co.’s fabulous designs.  During the Covid-19 epidemic, Karen’s daughter Mollie has joined the operation in collaborating on current and future designs while working behind the scenes.  

We are so proud to have this multi generational family business of talents.  

Our needlework stitching service has been in existence for many years offering quality work for designers and shop owners. Individuals who heard about us through Oprah’s television show and web site, or from Terry Trucco’s NY Times column have been thrilled with their finished pieces of needlepoint.